A Bun Dance

10 Sep

What you think is what you get.

In a world of times past walled cities had gatekeepers. Travelers could stop and ask for assistance. One very wise gatekeeper greeted travelers as follows:

Traveler: “So gate keeper tell me about your city. I am in search of a new city.”

Gatekeeper: “Tell me about your city that you have left.”

Traveler: “The people were mean to each other. They gossiped and were so petty I decided to leave.”

Gatekeeper: “I’m sorry to tell you that the same sort of people live in this city.”

And the traveler moves on. Another traveler approaches the Gatekeeper.

Second Traveler: “Hello. You must be the Gatekeeper. Please tell me about your city for I am in search of a place to live.”

Gatekeeper: “Tell me about the city you have left.”

Second Traveler: “It was a wonderful city with great people. We cared for each other and helped each other. I shall miss them all. I need to move to a different climate for my health but I will miss the people of my city.”

Gatekeeper: “You will find the same wonderful people in this city.

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