Creativity and Comparison

12 Oct

I recently found out that we are all creative. It gets squashed outta of us through conditioning. As a children we are naturally creative and over time many of us get told what we think, say or do is not good and to stop. Children learn early to try to gain approval from the adults in their lives and become fearful of making mistakes. 

I have a good friend that told me for years that she was not creative at all. When I asked her had she tried and type of art or writing she says no, I'm just not good at that stuff. Well she ended up having surgery and was homebound for 16 weeks. During that time she started getting depressed and someone gave her a painting set to help her to relax. She was so desperate to feel better she figured she had nothing to lose by slipping some paint on a canvas. Well her accidental art ended up being extremely unique and very creative. Her husband took one of her paintings to his office and eventually others became interested low and behold she's in her 50's with a budding art business. 

I love to create but if I start to let that sneaky voice creep into my head or start comparing my writing to others my creativity disappears. I am unique. I am the only me in the universe. I value who I am and I know I'm here to bring his into the world. 

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