Let the Light In

04 May

I used to hear that growth comes from pain but I'd roll my eyes and think, well then how come am I not growing? I've suffered enough, where's all this growth? I seem to be going in circles. 

The truth is it kept hitting me over the head until I was able to see it. This is a miracle because it's no surprise people go their entire lives without ever getting it. So what shifted? 

My suffering was a direct result of trying to control the world. I wanted life my way or my tantrum would start and last until I had a new thing to focus on. 

It would be easy to point to one reason why I suffered. It's my relationships, my childhood, my disability, my lack of finances, my culture, my religion. I mean this list is endless. The truth is it's not about what happens in my life but how I reacted. 

The very thoughts and beliefs that I would cling to were the reason for my suffering. Not until I understood my part in this was I able to make real change. 

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