Soul Work

04 Mar

What is soul work? 

Your life is your teacher and whatever comes to you is the work of your soul. Things are never as they appear on the surface. Your lessons are woven into your losses and challenges and only you can figure out what they mean and allow them to change you. ― Karen Clark

Soul work goes beyond any program. It is not about religion or culture. It is about so much more. It is about a stripping away of the conditioning in order to get back to who I really am. 

I had been in intense pain for so long and I had no idea it was my own thoughts that were killing me. As a child I remember feeling an aliveness, excitement and a joy but slowly that was pulled away as I experienced life.  The people and circumstances in my environment chipped away at that joy. Bouncing around the country, feeling out of place in my own skin eventually all of this would catch up with me. By the time my teens emerged I was ripe for a breakdown, and looking to get my hooks in a replacement for my family. I was longing for connection and thought if I could just find the right boyfriend that feeling would subside. It didn't. There was always more that I needed. Throwing myself at another human, pandering to their every need all seemed like a way to secure my place in their world. That deep need pushed into fear of losing that person so regardless of what the circumstances I was committed to being that person's person. 

Many years of suffering, drug addiction, alcoholism, over-eating, occasionally over spending, mindless scrolling, and so much researching ( I will get to this later) I broke. My house of cards came xru


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