What Do I See?

17 Jul

The question I ask is what do I see when I see -Someone different than myself? Someone sick? Someone angry? Someone in jail? Someone homeless? Addicted? Someone racist?

I bring years of my own filters, beliefs, judgments, conditioning to the world I see. I can use my filter of bitterness, selfish, evil people or I can fill it with people that really are doing the best they can from their level of consciousness, even if it's not where I believe they should be. 

I've been broken so compassion comes with little effort but their are people that really get to me. I've gotta remember that they were once a child that people poured their beliefs into them too. It doesn't make behavior right or wrong but it helps me to see people as human.

 I don't take anything anyone says about me or the people I love personally because it is also a limited perspective not a fact. This helps me make changing things easier because I don't come from a place of hate myself. 

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